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Skydive Perris, lądowanie na dachu

: wt 23 sty 2018, 17:33
autor: iwan

Re: Skydive Perris, lądowanie na dachu

: śr 24 sty 2018, 12:08
autor: Muppet
Po północno-zachodniej stronie lotniska jest bardzo gęsta zabudowa i przy próbie "na siłę" dolecenia do lotniska tak może się skończyć :-(. Zawsze tłumaczę swoim studentom, że jak masz choć najmniejszą wątpliwość, czy dolecisz do lotniska to załóż od razu, że nie dolecisz i od razu szukaj alternatywnego miejsca do lądowania i tam leć lub leć taką trasą (nie koniecznie w linii prostej) abyś w razie czego miał gdzie wylądować. Wbrew utartym standardom, lepiej się nachodzić niż przy...bać :-).

Re: Skydive Perris, lądowanie na dachu

: czw 25 sty 2018, 06:46
autor: iwan
Na trochę o tym piszą, wydaje się dużo ciekawsze niż sam niedolot do strefy:
To prevent this from going down 100 different speculative paths, here's what I've been told by people on the DZ that day:

1. This incident occurred during one of the last heats of the WOWS wingsuit competition.

2. There was a collision immediately following exit between two jumpers. The exit was a 4 way "race exit" out of a Skyvan. Exits were queued by a green light when all racers would simultaneously exit and jockey for position. Based on my conversations with some of the jumpers and a Facebook post on the WOWS page my understanding is that these exits were prone to being a bit messy as everyone tried to exit at the same time. I've been told it is very clear that no single pilot was responsible for this collision, and it was a random occurrence resulting from the exit dynamic.

3. It is believed that one of the WS pilots was knocked unconscious during the collision.

4. The unconscious pilot was seen spinning with no inputs witnessed.

5. AAD fire, reserve deployed with main PC still in the BOC.

6. He was found on the roof of a house about 1.5 miles away from the DZ, roughly below the point of exit for this distance run.

As for the suit, I believe it was Squirrel but cannot confirm the model. The complete bracket shows 30 competitors, 28 of whom were flying Squirrel and 2 were in Tony Suits. From what I saw during the weekend there was a variety of models being flown.

I think that WOWS is a really good thing for the sport. I think finding new and fun ways to race and fly our suits is important to keeping the sport fun and fresh, and I hope that this incident doesn't harm the progress made by the WOWS team.